June 2, 2023
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Virat Kohli’s 100th Test: A Kohli superfan in Gujranwala has his heart in Mohali

Hussain Ahmad could be in Gujranwala, Pakistan, which is 292 kilometres from Mohali. His heart, however, would be in the Punjab town where his idol, Virat Kohli, will play his 100th Test match beginning Friday.

Throughout the game, Hussain—who became a social media sensation after waving the batsman’s poster during a PSL game in Lahore last month—would be wearing a replica of Kohli’s Test jersey, which a friend had brought for him from Dubai.

His friends and family would be focused on Pakistan’s Test against Australia, which begins on Friday, but Hussain would not be. “Eh tan do deshan di sarhad ne rok lagai hoi hai, nahi tan main King Kohli de sauwe Test match zarure dekhan jana si,” he tells.

“It’s fate that I won’t be able to watch his 100th Test match,” he says, “but I hope he plays his 150th or 200th Test match at the Gadaffi Stadium in Lahore, where we will be cheering for him.” He also has two other wishes. Kohli scores a century in Mohali, ending his century drought, and faces Shaheen Afridi at the Gadaffi one day.

Hussain’s Kohli obsession began in 2008 when he led the U-19 team to the World Cup title in Malaysia. Not only did he watch the games, but he also saved newspaper clippings. During the 50-over World Cup in 2011, his admiration grew even more.

Despite his background, his father never chastised him for rooting for Kohli. “He never stopped me from cheering on Kohli or the Indian team.” “The only time he chastised me was when I watched India’s matches late at night or too early in the morning because it wasn’t allowed for kids,” he recalls. Kohli’s stature grew to the point where he would skip classes to watch games, even if they were in vastly different time zones, such as Australia or the West Indies. He awoke his friends and family to celebrate his hundreds or some other significant event. He has gone to great lengths to observe him at times. “There was no electricity in my village during the 2015 World Cup semifinal, so I climbed a small hill while keeping track of the score on my phone,” he says.

While meeting his hero is his greatest ambition, he has already decided what gift he will give him that day. “I’d like him to give him the famous Noona Halwai Barfi from the nearby town of Lala Mussa.” “He’ll like it as a Punjabi,” says Hussain, who can’t wait for his hero’s 100th Test to begin.

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