May 26, 2022
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Viral message claimed to be by French Virologist regarding Covid 19 Vaccine is FAKE

A viral message has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp guaranteeing that French virologist and Nobel Prize victor Luc Montagnier has said that “all vaccinated individuals will die within two years” and that the COVID-19 vaccination drive is a “great blunder” and this message is FAKE.

The phony message claims, “Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier has affirmed that there is no possibility of endurance for individuals who have gotten any type of the vaccine. In an interview, the world’s top virologist expressed vacantly.”

The phony message was connected to a report in LifeSiteNews, which is a Canadian far-right anti-abortion advocacy and news distribution. Simply recently, the site was restricted by Facebook for spreading deception on COVID-19. A reality checking asset, has recently portrayed the site as “a known purveyor of misdirecting data.”

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has said that COVID-19 vaccines in India are protected and has asked all residents to get vaccinated. The public authority has said that the vaccinations have been presented in the country solely after the administrative bodies clear it dependent on its wellbeing and adequacy.

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