March 1, 2024
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US warns Turkey not to execute aggressive military action against Syrian Kurds

The United States have warned Turkey not to launch any aggressive military action against the Syrian Kurds, who were the main ally of Washington when they launched an offensive in Syria against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

US President Donald Trump’s warning has come at the time Turkey has termed the proposed withdrawal of the US forces from the Kurdish controlled regions in Syria as an opportunity to launch an offensive against the Syrian Kurds, which is viewed as terrorists by Istanbul.

The US President warned that his country would obliterate the economy of Turkey if Istanbul launched any planned military action against the Syrian Kurds.

Earlier, the US decided to considerably reduce the number of its military persons in Syria, like what it proposed for Afghanistan.

Recently, several military experts forecasted the possible lunch of a planned military action by Turkey against the Syrian Kurds.

Turkey is an NATO member. It is at present not in a good relation with other NATO members, especially the western powers like Germany.

Though Istanbul has the support of Moscow, it may not dare to defy the warning of Washington, as like any other country in the world, it is very keen about keeping its economy stable.

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