August 11, 2020

US-Mexico secret deal exposed

The US president, Donald Trump, who has hesitated to speak about the deal his country has reached with Mexico, has accidentally exposed the deal as the paper containing the details of the deal, which has been in the hand of the present when he has interacted with the media personals, have been secretly captured by the cameras the media houses has used to cover the interaction session.

As per the exposed paper, the US has agreed to give Mexico some more time to prove that they are serious about blocking the entry of the migrants, who intent to enter the US through the US-Mexico border, into its territory.

According to the paper, the US will interfere strongly in the issue if Mexico fails in this front once again.

In the paper, there are also indications about the possibility of the US to seek the support of the powerful Latin American countries like Brazil to share the burden of possessing the asylum pleas made by the migrant to the world’s most powerful and richest country.

During the presidential campaign, Trump asserted that he would prefer a strong border over a week one and would erect a wall across the US-Mexico border.

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