July 14, 2024
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Two shutters of Kakki-Ananthodu dam opened: Water level will rise at Pampa-Triveni at one o’clock

The two shutters of the Kakki dam,Kerala were opened. The second and third shutters of the Kakki Dam were opened 30 cm apart when the water level in the dam reached full storage capacity. Pathanamthitta district Health Minister Veena George and Revenue Minister K Rajan said the water level in Pampa river could rise by 10 to 15 cm as the shutters of the dam were left open.

The Revenue Minister said that only one-tenth of the water released during the 2018 floods is now being discharged from the dam. Although there is no chance of rain in the state for the next two days, it is likely to intensify from October 21 to 24. With that in mind, the water level in the dam is now being adjusted, he said.

When the dam opens, it will first flow to Pampa-Triveni, then to Kanamala via Perunthenaruvi to Kakkattar and then to Vadasserykara after Perunnadu and from there to Upper Kuttanad. Camps have been set up along the route and people in flood-prone areas have been relocated to camps. The Revenue Department, Local Self Government Department, Health Department, Police and Disaster Management Force are on high alert. Revenue Minister K Rajan said that in case of an emergency, facilities have been set up for airlifting. K Rajan said it would not be appropriate to allow pilgrims to enter Sabarimala in case the Kaki Dam is opened.

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