December 6, 2023
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TV reporter found dead in Tamil Nadu

A young television reporter and his family, including his wife and mother, have been found dead in their house in East Tambaram. As per a preliminary assumption, gas leak from refrigerator is the cause of the death. The police authorities have launched an investigation into the matter.

It was a neighbour who first got a feeling that something unusual happened in the house. It was when the neighbour found that no one came out of the house in the morning. The neighbour immediately alerted the police authorities.

When the authorities have broken the doors and entered the house, they found the people of the house lying dead.

As per a media report, there are signs of blast inside the house. If that is true, no serious effort is needed to find how the gas escaped from the refrigerator.

The police are expected to investigate all possibilities. However, only once the medical report is out, more clarity can be secured about the cause of the death.

The deceased journalist was a very talented journalist. He was a part of several leading new channels based in Tamil Nadu.

Anyway, the concerned authorities, at first, need to identify the reasons for the blast. It may not be possibility to take the investigation in the right direction without indentifying the real reason for that.

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