December 1, 2021
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DMK asks the centre to transfer water to concurrent list

While speaking in the Indian parliament, a DMK lawmaker has asked the central government to send the subject of water to the concurrent list.

The suggestion has come in the wake of the raising water crisis across the country and the growing number of disputes between the states related to this topic.

Tamil Nadu is at present facing a serious water crisis. Its dispute with Karnataka over the sharing of Cauvery water has not yet been resolved.

The shifting of the matter to the concurrent list from the state list will make easier for the central government to interfere in the issue.

At present, water is a state subject. That means only states can decide on the matters regarding the subject.

It is what makes it difficult for the affected parties to find a solution to their respective water disputes. 

In the matters that come under the concurrent list, both states and nation can decide, as per the Indian law.

Meanwhile, the same lawmaker has also suggested the shifting of the subject of education to the state list.

Many states, including Tamil Nadu, are unhappy with several recent education policies, most recently the introduction of NEET examination.

Education is at present in the union list. Only the centre can decide on the matters that come under the union list.

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