December 6, 2021
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Shocking! Few psychiatry homes use unscientific treatments against LGBTs

In the present era, not many consider the sexual preference of LGBT as a mental disorder. Gone are the days when it is considered as a mental disorder.

But, a report published in a leading national daily indicates that in this century also there are many who consider there is a relation between sexual preference and mental state, and in this group of narrow minded people there are several psychiatrists too.

In the report, several testimonials are included to explain how persons with a different sexual preference from that of the rest, or the so called normal people, have been forced to accept the sexual preference of the majority with the use of several unscientific methods and even torture.

It is shocking that it is in this part of the world which project itself as a face of freedom that these kinds of activities happen.

In the report, it is mentioned that some of the victims have even been forced to undergo hormonal treatments too.

There is no doubt that an immediate intervention is needed in this issue. The allegations raised in the report including the practices of manipulation of documents, use of torture, use of unscientific methods and use of adult contents are to be investigated by a competent authority.

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