December 10, 2023
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Turn up low in Kashmir schools

Though the government eased the restrictions imposed upon the Indian state of Jammu Kashmir, which was bifurcated to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Territory of Ladakh, and whose special status was removed, the total turn up in the school has not raised accordingly.

It proves that the students of the state are the actual victim of the political uncertainty in the region.

Only a hand full of schools is functioning properly at present in the valley. Most of them are those controlled by the central authority directly.

As per a report, the people of Jammu and Kashmir fear to send their children to schools due to the present chaos.

Today’s children are the next generation leaders. It is important to make sure that political uncertainties do not affect children’s right to education.

Playing with children’s right to education is playing with the country’s future.

The authorities should take up necessary policies to increase the turn up of students in the schools in the valley.

Anyway, the ease of the restrictions has increased the turn up of teachers in the schools in the region.

It has also normalised the functioning of various government offices in the valley.

Anyway, it does not mean the reduction of security forces. The valley is still under the tight cover of security personals.

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