June 6, 2023
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Viewpoint: Unemployment still a big issue

Unemployment is still a very big issue in India. Most analysis conducted recently in connection with the topic of unemployment in the country agree to this fact. It is unfortunate that the present government, which is far more powerful and stable than many of its predecessors, has not made any significant gains in this front. It is not right to say that the country’s economy is in a bad state now. Though it is not as good as what it was during the early 2000s, it is at present in the right direction. The Indian economy is growing slowly, but steadily. Then, why the country suffers unemployment? In reality, what the country now witnesses is a job less growth. That means that the investments made in the country are creating profit, but no jobs. Is this the right model of development? If an investment is not capable to make jobs and can only make profit, that investment is of no use to the society as a whole. There are reports that the present government is worried about the issue of unemployment. If the government is serious about increasing job opportunities, a lot of things can be done by those in the corridor of power, from the injection of more funds to the Small and Medium Enterprises sector to the establishment of the facilities capable to offer more skills to the unskilled unemployed to make them employable. It is hoped that the present government will think more deeply about the topic in the coming days.

Vignesh. S. G
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