April 21, 2021
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Shiv Sena promises good governance

Shiv Sena appeals votes this time on the plank of good governance. It has projected the achievements of the BJP-Shiv Sena government, which has been ruling the Indian state of Maharashtra for the least five years, in its electoral speeches. Nonetheless, it has not hidden its differences with its partner. The regional party sells it as a corrective force this time. It has brilliantly pointed out main times in its election speeches that it has corrected the BJP many times in the past and has expressed its differences with the powerful rightist party fearlessly.

The Maharashtra’s most powerful regional party wants the people to know that they are not backstabbers. In its speeches, it has highlighted several times that they have plotted to derail the government in the last five years even though it has been sidelined as a junior partner in the tenure.

Shiv Sena still has huge political clout in the state. Its support base is still strong and blindly loyal to the leadership of the party.

Even though the BJP has grown significantly in the urban regions of the state in the recent past, it has not surmounted the influence of the most powerful region party of the state in the urban regions of the state, especially in Mumbai and Pune.

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