July 18, 2024
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Transport workers’ strike destabilizes normal life in Tamil Nadu


The strike launched by the transport workers’ unions has badly destabilized the normal life of those Tamil Nadu people, who largely depend on the transport services operating in the state to meet their transportation needs.

Tamil Nadu is one of the poorest states of India. The majority of the state’s population depends on the agricultural sector for their livelihood. For these poor people, the cheap transport service offered by the government is an inevitable element of their life.

Students are other biggest beneficiaries of the transport services. The cheap transport service provided by the state is thus the back born of the education system.

Industry workers are the third important group which heavily depends on the transport service for their daily transport needs.   

Anyway, these three groups have been badly affected by the strike launched by the transport workers’ unions.

Chennai, Kancheepuram, Ramanathapuram, Erode and Coimbatore are the prime places where the impact of the strike has been more than expected, though the strike has adversely affected almost all part of the state.

The failure of the talks on wage revision and clearance of pending dues has been the prime triggering point of the strike.

The strike has been announced after the talks between the transport unions and state transport ministry have been failed.


Vignesh. S. G

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