June 21, 2024

Best New Year Resolution for healthy body


Another New Year has come. New Year resolution is one of the unavoidable parts of New Year for youngsters; for them, it is one of the funny things they do during that festival.

Very few know the value of such a resolution. For those who know the value of resolutions, the article tries to tell why one should take a ‘Health Resolution’ instead of other kinds of resolutions.  

Non-communicable diseases are the prime cause of death in the modern world. Those leading sedentary lifestyle are highly vulnerable to these diseases.

If one wants to escape from these diseases, he/she must ditch his/her sedentary lifestyle. So, it may be the best New Year Resolution for a health enthusiast.

In this New Year, promise or convince your mind that you will try to do exercise regularly, take frequent breaks in between your working hours, join sports or game clubs, and, more importantly, show enthusiasm to the changes you have adopted yourself.

Health is wealth!   


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