April 2, 2020
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Tips to Maintain Fitness while Traveling

fitnessToday’s lifestyle requires you to be busy. Most of the people find it difficult to squeeze time in between their busy schedules to find time to work out. The problem becomes worse when you go out of town for a business or pleasure trip. Your tight schedules and in a rather unknown place can easily derail your fitness routine. With a little amount of management and some tips you can take control of your fitness regime.

You need to dress suitably to take advantage of any opportunity arising to do a workout. Exercise opportunities on the road won’t do you much good if you are not prepared. If your business attire doesn’t allow for athletic footwear, invest in a comfortable pair of dressy shoes. Rubber-soled dress shoes or a stylish pair of flats can make all of the difference. At the very least, carry your athletic shoes in your carry-on. Stick with a comfortable, yet presentable, outfit so you can walk the terminals during a layover. The same preparation tips stand for road trips. A quick walk around the parking lot at the rest stop will stretch the legs and burn a few calories.

Make some extra space in your baggage for your fitness essentials like the band and apparel.  Be sure you leave space to squeeze in fitness essentials. An exercise band or tube will fit in the outside pocket of your bag for hotel-room strength training. Consider a pair of tennis shoes specifically for travel that will smash or bend for easy packing. Fill a baggie with mixed nuts and dried fruit, energy bars, and fresh fruit for emergency snacks to make unhealthy options less tempting. During travel, you may need to spend a lot of time waiting you can take advantage of this time. Major airports in world have places for yoga and walking tracks. Most of the hotels have fitness centres.

Be very careful with what you eat.  Convenience stores and gas stations may be the easiest place to stop while on the road, but they can be a nightmare for a healthy eating plan. Instead, visit the nearest roadside farm stand, or follow the signs to the Farmer’s Market where you can find fresh produce to provide healthy fuel. For meals, skip the fast food and stop by a supermarket for a prepared salad or healthy sandwich.

Try to walk more during free time. Visiting a market during your travels combines a learning opportunity, exercise, and healthy food into one adventure. Set out on foot if the market is nearby – every extra step counts. Take advantage of the fresh produce, and meals for a healthy breakfast, lunch, or snack.

Go out for a trekking or go for cycling. It is an easy option to burn your calories.  Check for a Yellow Bike project in the city you Book an active excursion. Make visit. This will allow you to borrow a bike to see the sights while burning calories. If you enjoy road races, look for upcoming events at your destination. Local fitness studios may have active weekend retreats, or a boot camp class that you can join during your trip.

The most important thing is get enough rest. Travel can leave you sleep-deprived and unable to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep for adults. Lack of sleep can result in weight gain. When you are exhausted from being on the road, make sleep a priority. Continue to choose healthy foods, but it may be wise to skip a workout when your schedule causes exercise to compete with sleep. Plan to get back to your exercise routine once you return home. But remember, exercise can improve sleep patterns if done at least three hours before bedtime. If you are having trouble sleeping on the road, a workout may help.

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