June 6, 2023

Time is money –D-Que Watches

3Time and life are the world’s best teachers. Former president A P J Abdul Kalam, who taught the generations about the value of good dreams, once said that “the life teaches to use the time wisely while the time teaches the value of the life”. The inner meaning of his statement is that each and every minute in our life is very precious. The D-Que watches brand is becoming one of the big names in the art of making watches. The company manufactures beautiful watches under the world class brand name. There is no doubt that these watches which are manufactured using the latest technology will help you appear exceptional. Now, the watches are not a mere device used to know the time. Today, it is a symbol of style and elegance. Indeed, that is what the D-Que watches brand offers.

For a youngster, the watches are something that defines his/her character. As per the latest trend, there are different watches for different occasions. In accordance with the change in the generation’s priorities, there has been a tremendous change in the way the watches are selected. The new fashion style statement of the younger generation is the smart watches having latest features. The new generation, irrespective of their gender and age, loves to use the trendy watches. The D-Que watches brand, in order to meet the need of the new generation, introduces watches and wall clocks having elegance and style. It is brought into the market by a Mumbai based company, Hornbill Chronotechnology. The company offers all kinds of watches suitable for different kinds of needs. The Premium D-Que watches, which help to enhance the shine of the character, are suitable to wear along with the formal dress, while the General Edition D-Que watches is appropriate to wear in the informal occasions. The company also manufactures several kinds of watches suitable to use in the official meetings, reception and many other occasions.

In order to widen their market base and to meet the challenges of the digital era, the Hornbill Chronotechnology Company collaborates with Ajit Ravi, who is the renowned business strategist. The head of the Pegasus Company, Mr Ajit, is the supporting force behind several media start-up companies and events. Mr Ajit, who established his presence in the event sector with the 2002 Miss South India, has slowly become one of the promising names in the event production sector, introducing several spectacular events, such as the Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia and Mrs South India. Mr Ajit, who has created a good reputation in the International stages through his persistent hard work, has commenced the work for his dream project, the 2018 Miss Glam World.

Mr Ajit’s ability to overcome challenges and to take his events to an international standard is worth appreciable. He is also the editor of Unique Times magazine, which is published both in English and Malayalam languages, and is the founder of some popular news portals such as ‘EuropeVartha’, ‘UniqueTimes’, ‘Timesnew’ and ‘UTTV’. By taking up the challenging task of establishing a brand, he tries to prove his talent once more.

The concept of the brand, ‘time is money’, is the actual motivation faction behind his decision to collaborate with the D-Que watches. Mr Ajit aims to give an entirely different face to this product. He plans to present these watches to those children living in the BPL families who hitherto cannot afford to buy such an expensive watch. He says: “D-Que watches brand prompts us to do good things. Everyone needs some kinds of motivation. By gifting the D-Que watches to such students, I aim to bring happiness on their face and to teach them the value of time.”

UT-EN-june-July-17Final 3.inddThe Swiss Watches, who are the market leaders in the International platform, is the prime competitor of the D-Que watches. The company strongly believes it can effectively challenge the International brands with their brand which has been developed with the help of Japanese technology. The prime attraction of this new brand is its unmatchable quality and the post sales service offered by the company. The brand, which has already established its presence in the Gulf countries, is expected to expand its presence across the world.

There is no doubt that the D-Que lightweight sports edition watches will become a style statement among the youngsters in the near future. This watch is weightless and scratchproof so it is clear that it is designed keeping in mind the real requirement of a sportsperson. For the children, the company offers the D-Que kids watches. The watch makes the kids who are wearing it exceptional as it has consciously been designed using the style and design that suit the children.

The D-Que watches ladies collection is the kind of watches which are specially designed for the women customers. Under this category, the company offers mind-blowing watches. There is nothing better than gifting a D-Que watch to the lady of your life. Apart from the watches, the company also sells attractive wall clocks. The price of the D-Que watches ranges from Rs 1,000 to 25,000 and the price of the clocks ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,00,000 respectively. The company aims to conquer the global markets with this watches, manufactured in the country utilising the opportunity provided by the ‘Make in India’ scheme. With the help of the business strategies carefully articulated to help the brand conquer the global market, D-Que director Nishijith K John and Ajit Ravi are slowly marching towards success.

We wish that from this moment onwards you will spend your valuable time with the D-Que watches, which is, in fact, the perfect symbol of beautiful watches and clocks.






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