May 28, 2023
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Tickets issued in lieu of Covid-era airline tickets will expire on December 31st

Tickets for Air India and Air India Express flights canceled during the Covid period will expire on December 31. Passengers will have to pay the difference in the ticket price for the duration of the journey, officials said.

Air India and Air India Express have asked passengers to use their replacement tickets by December 31 after the service was canceled during the Covid period. Passengers have to pay the difference in the ticket price for the duration of the journey. However, those who have received a travel voucher will be given an extension on request. Authorities said they would approach the airlines for this.

Those who are unable to travel within this day will receive an extension by sending an email to customer support. If you go with this ticket in December and return in January, letting the airline know will solve the problem. In case of cancellation of the ticket, cancellation fee will be charged and the balance will be refunded. Meanwhile, passengers complained that some travel agencies did not refund. It is learned that 15% of the people are still waiting for the ticket price. Airline spokespersons said the money was returned to the individual’s account for the ticket taken directly and to the agency’s account if through the travel agency.

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