July 14, 2024
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Through the soothing world of music during Covid 19 pandemic with Advocate Latha Anand

As the covid 19 cases are raising and strict regulations are followed around the nation everyone is at their home. New talents are being emerging out and everyone is busy in exploring.

Latha Anand is a lawyer by profession has taken along music, especially veena, and art, as a passion. She started a youTube channel by the name ‘Latha Anand’ to entertain her audience through her unique talent and skill during this crisis period. In her channel she can be seen playing veena for different ragas. This hidden talent should be appreciated and encouraged for her efforts for making this crisis period soothing and encouraging her audience to overcome all the obstacle we are facing through her music.

She has held concerts and painting exhibitions in various places across the world. Her fusion programs, like ‘Just Ganesha’ and ‘Krishna Konnect’, have been received well. Latha is married to Senior Advocate K. Anand who is also the managing trustee of Adi Sankara group of Institutions, Kalady.

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Video courtesy: Unique Times YouTube channel


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