August 15, 2022
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Third Wave: Warning that most people in the third wave may be affected by Covid

An ICMR expert says that the third wave will affect most people in the country. Dr. Jaiprakash of ICMR told the national media that most people are affected by Covid without any serious symptoms. There was a 16 percent increase in daily Covid cases. The Secretary of Health has written to the states asking them to ensure the availability of oxygen.

According to Dr. ICMR, an infectious disease specialist at the ICMR, most people will be exposed to the new wave of omicron spreads. Jaiprakash commented. But many do not even know the details of the disease. Dr Jaiprakash said Covid would pass without major health problems in 80 per cent of the cases.

Covid confirmed 1,94,720 people in the country in 24 hours. Twenty-six thousand more people were diagnosed with the disease than the previous day. The positivity rate crossed 11 percent. In 120 districts, the weekly positivity rate was above 10 per cent. In West Bengal, the Covid positivity rate is 32 per cent. The highest positivity rate in Delhi since May 5 was reported yesterday. In Punjab too, the positivity rate has gone up. In Maharashtra, meanwhile, the number of Covid victims has declined.

The number of daily patients, which had crossed forty-four three days earlier, continued to decline, reaching thirty-four thousand yesterday. The health secretary instructed the states to ensure the availability of oxygen in the event of a rise in Covid figures. It is recommended that oxygen be maintained for at least 48 hours. It is also proposed to set up oxygen control rooms at the state level. Covid confirmed to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and former Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh. Both are under surveillance at home with mild symptoms.

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