May 25, 2024
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Theft at actress Alankrita Sahai’s house; Robbed 6.5 lakh at knife point

Theft at the house of actress Alankrita Sahai by threatening her with a knife. The incident took place at her home in Chhattisgarh. The robbers broke into the house at around 12.30 pm and took the actress hostage.

When threatened with a knife, the actress ran away from the thieves and entered the room and closed the door. But two members of the group entered the actress’ room through the balcony. When he threatened her with a knife again, she gave Rs 6 lakh to the robbers who were in possession of the ornament. One of the men took the actress’ ATM card and withdrew Rs 5,000.

The actress has identified one of the thieves. Police are examining the CCTV footage. Arrived in the city a few months ago to stay decorated. She lived with her parents. They had been traveling for two days. Meanwhile, the theft takes place.

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