November 30, 2023
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The Youngest Person to explain Artificial Intelligence

At Heaven’s Pre-School Convocation in Uli, Kannur, a 6-year-old girl was presenting a seminar to the kids and parents in attendance. The seminar’s theme was chatGPT, which is now a hot topic in the field of artificial intelligence. Yeslin Ayesha Hannania, a lower-class student at the online school Hash Future School, led the lesson with nicely crafted presentations and engaging English.

As the lesson went on, Yeslin understood that most people don’t comprehend new technology in that way. The lecture moved forward with several Malayalam examples that everyone could grasp and apply in daily life, immediately departing from the prepared slides. The many questions that were asked following the class were also politely responded to by Yeslin.

This young genius is the youngest person ever to take a class on cutting-edge technology like chatGPT. Yeslin, a Kannur, India native and the daughter of Shamrees Usman and Ameena, has spent the past year engaged in a variety of online courses and webinars. Yeslin’s online courses began as a school presentation and eventually developed into a business strategy. Yeslin initially enrolled in Canva design classes at school alongside other students. She eventually wanted to possess her own field. created lessons to teach other kids more about things like IQ.

According to Yeslin, the younger generation should make effective use of new technologies like chatGPT. Yeslin’s classes cover this material with clear, understandable examples for young children. This prodigy aspires to develop technological advancements that advance civilization when she grows up.

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