April 13, 2024
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Inspiring stories of Women Entrepreneurs in India

As time changes, the rise of female entrepreneurs in India has shown that women in business are capable of matching the success of their male counterparts. Especially in a country that is deeply patriarchal in several areas, it’s not just difficult but challenging for female entrepreneurs. Here, women are still seen as emotional, less ambitious, and unfit to take the initiative and develop a project into a successful enterprise.

But the reality is that this notion no longer holds women hostage.

When it comes to launching or maintaining a successful business, they are on par with men. We are aware of this because we have witnessed it. Notwithstanding the rise, female business owners nevertheless encounter a number of particular difficulties. These difficulties may vary from worse personal financial assets to gender discrimination and social taboos.

We’ll feature a few Indian women business owners who have overcome stereotypes, taken strategic risks, and encountered challenges en route to success.

  • Rajni Bector -Cremica

Rajni’s passion for baking persisted even after she got married and moved in with a prosperous Ludhiana business family. She kept on baking because she liked it. It’s intriguing to learn that when her family’s 107-year-old grain company failed, her love of baking helped maintain them financially.

In 1978, Cremica launched her business in the backyard of her home with a 20,000 rupee investment. Rajini initially began catering and organising weddings and events, but she had faith in her talent and enthusiasm. She put in more than 12 hours a day of dedicated effort, continually growing her company. Today, Cremica, which began in a backyard, has partnerships with several of the greatest brands in the world, including McDonald’s and Cadbury.

  • Menstupedia

Menstrupedia’s creator, Aditi Gupta, is a native of Garwha, Jharkhand. Despite coming from a little place, she had huge ideas. She is one of the rare individuals who has been effective in making a difference in the menstrual sector. She took action that many people would never even consider.

She created cartoons and images using her design degree with the express objective of teaching women about the menstrual period and dispelling common beliefs about it. Menstrupedia uses articles, poetry, comic books, and other content published in a variety of languages to spread its messages and empower women.

  • Farah Nathani Menzies – Mumum Co.

At The University of Pennsylvania, Farah Nathani Menzies finished her undergraduate degree. She holds a Harvard Business School MBA as well. She started off as a management consultant at the New York branch of Bain & Company. When she discovered that there were no healthy, nutrient-rich snacks available without additives or preservatives, she made the decision to form her own firm, Mumum Co.

It offers youngsters nutritious foods that are hard to obtain on the market: healthy snacks. They include no additives or preservatives and are entirely natural. These snacks mostly include natural fruits and vegetables together with Indian super grains like amaranth, jowar, and ragi. She is listed among India’s Top Women Entrepreneurs.

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