June 19, 2024
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India-Pakistan tensions will not affect ‘General Election’, says ECI

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The tensions between India and Pakistan will not affect the Indian general election, says the Election Commission of India.

In the recent past, the relation between the neighbouring countries worsened. The Pulwama suicide bomb attack, in which at least forty Indian CRPF officials lost lives, was the triggering point of the latest tensions.

Citing the border tensions, many experts have recently predicted that the general election will get delayed. Through the latest statement, the ECI has successfully put to rest all such speculations.

A senior official of the Election Commission of India, while interacting with the media personals, has asserted that the commission is capable to conduct the election in time.

When asked about the allegations questioning the credibility of the Electronic Voting Machine, he has criticised the manner in which the fake allegations about the EVM are used by the Indian political parties for petty political gains, without pointing his fingers at any political organisation.

Recently, a US-based hacker alleged that during the last general election several EVMs allotted to the Hindi heartland were tampered with.

Lately, the allegation was proved baseless. But, the allegation was misused by many political organisations, particularly those in the opposition, to taint the image of the ruling party, which wristed significant gains in the Hindi heartland in the last election.  


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