July 18, 2024
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The young woman married herself, becoming the first sologamy wedding in India

The self-marriage of a Gujarati woman who made headlines has finally come true. In Vadodara, Gujarat, Kshma Bindu got married (Sologamy). Kshama (Kshama Bindu) came on stage in a red sari, adorned with jewels. Mum dressed herself in galya sutra and crimson. Only close friends attended the ceremony. The ceremony was held at her own house in Gotri. The wedding photos were released by Kshama on social media.

Kshma Bindu, who made headlines for announcing that she was getting married, got married two days before the due date. She said the wedding was held before the scheduled date to avoid problems and avoid controversy. All the ceremonies like Mehndi and Haldi were performed. Earlier, it was decided to get married at the temple. But the venue was changed following protests. Patience thanked everyone via video message after the wedding. She said on Facebook that she would like to thank everyone who texted me, complimented me and stood by me.

Last week, she made headlines for announcing that she was getting married. It will be the first sologami (self-married) in the country, the media reported. ‘I never wanted to get married. But I wanted to be a bride. So I decided to marry myself, “she told the Times of India. She said she searched the online media to find out if any woman in the country was self-married but could not find the news. “It may be the first example of self-love in our country,” he said.

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