May 29, 2024
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Bhavana receives warm welcome from celebrities as her comeback Malayalam film Ntikkakkakkoru Premandaarnnu releases on Friday

The Malayalam film Ntikkakkakkoru Premandaarnnu, starring actor Bhavana Menon, is due to open in theatres on Friday. She was given a warm welcome by various actors from the Indian cinema industry before the film’s release, including Madhavan, Manju Warrier, Kunchacko Boban, Jackie Shroff, and others.

In the video, Priyamani says, “Hey Bhavana, welcome back.” Parvathi addressed the actor as a “queen” and said, “Welcome back”. Tovino Thomas and Madhavan also welcomed her and Jackie Shroff said, “Bhavana, keep rocking.”

Ntikkakkakkoru Premandaarnnu, written and directed by newcomer Adhil Maimoonath Ashraf, also features Sharaf U Dheen in the title role.
After a five-year absence, Bhavana is back in Malayalam cinema with Ntikkakkakkoru Premandaarnnu. Adam Joan, her final Malayalam film, came out in 2017. The actor stopped acting in Mollywood. On her route from Thrissur to Kochi in February 2017, she was abducted and attacked by a bunch of men. Dileep, one of the most prominent actors in the Malayalam cinema industry, was listed as an accused as a result of the probe.
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