February 24, 2024
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The Psychology of Business

The Psychology of BusinessIndustrial/Organizational psychology is a type of psychology that is used in organizations. Industrial organization is one part of the psychology that deals with me and partnerships threw out the organization. Industrial psychology focuses on the different types of human resources that are provided. Organizational psychology is the individual’s in a work areas behaviour, efficiency, and attitude. The psychiatrists that deal with Industrial/Organizational psychology have to take everyone’s differences and try to make the company run a lot smoother. There are different ways they can help things improve and that is by rewarding their workers when they have done a good job, and using different techniques to improve the way everyone works. These psychiatrists come up with ways to eliminate or minimize the injuries that are on the job, review job applications, and find ways to increase the organizational.

Industrial/Organizational psychology was developed some time in the 20th century. We have to learn psychology and what it is in order to use psychology. Hugo Munsterberg and Walter Dill Scott were part of the psychiatrist that made the job more efficient. Additionally, Munsterberg and Scott used psychology to the issues which exists in companies. Each employee is reviewed to make sure they were suitable for the job they were hired for. Frederick Winslow Taylor was an engineer that used Industrial/Organizational psychology for management in the 1900s. The scientific management was to help set rules to improve organizational methods.

Frank Gilbreth studied motion of people. He studied the time it took for individuals to move. In this study is allowed them to find out what each individual would be more efficient at when it comes to certain jobs that involve hand and eye coordination. Also something that is repeated over and over again as well as the speed it takes for an individual to complete the job. Lillian Gilbreth designed the foot pedal run rubbish bin and chilled door racks, concentrating on the efficiency of consumer items

In some business they used this psychiatrist as advisors for human resources to their workers. They look at job applicants, pre-employment test, and ways to reward the workers that do an efficient job. These types of advisors assist companies to develop job applications for recruitment, pre-employment screening test, development of suggestions for enhanced efficiency, better learning, development of tools, and worker rewards. This gives these organizational a professional point to look at. Companies can be taught what to look for in workers. Developing worker selection, coaching plans, worker efficiency rewards. The statistical techniques are what help the companies.

So we learn that Industrial/Organizational psychology is a crucial role in improving the work force. These psychiatrists help workers do their job well and correctly. Some of the same methods that were used when the Industrial/Organizational methods were developed are still being used today. There is a level of training in the industrial/organizational psychology that educates people on how to improve at their job. There are also designs of jobs that will help people with their behaviour in the work area. The industrial side educates people and design jobs while the organizational side assists to know people’s behaviours on-the-job and safeguarding a person’s health, safety, and wellness. These improvements are here to help the company be more successful but to also help the employers in their skills and be better workers. We learn that threw research and statistics in the industrial/organizational psychology is the true way to make a company work. You improve your workers and then you can improve the company by growth and successful production.

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