July 15, 2024

3 Paisa Can Cost You Rs.449.44

ClickHandler.ashx 1 copyWith a credit card in HSBC bank, you need to be aware of the extra charges which will be stamped on you, if you are late with your payment. Last month an individual reported that their bill totalled up to Rs.5000.03, and they paid Rs.5000/-prior to the two days to the payment due date, however despite the bill being paid on time, when this month’s bill came there was a late payment charge of Rs.400 + service tax of 12.36% (in total 449.44). When they called the bank, they were informed that this late payment charges was due to the non payment of the 3 paisa which was due to the bank, it was also informed that the same amount would be waived in the next bill after the individual makes the outstanding amount included with the late payment charge and the service tax. A simple non payment of 3 paisa cost this individual Rs. 449.44


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