December 8, 2022
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Tamil Nadu to trifurcate Vellore

The Tamil Nadu government has trifurcated its district of Vellore, into the district of Vellore, the district of Tirupattur and the district of Ranipet.

The trifurcation has been announced due to administrative reasons. The government has received several representations from the ministers, lawmakers and from the general public for the trifurcation of the district of Vellore.

As per an expert opinion, the trifurcation will make the administration of the districts easier and the devolution of funds to the local bodies in the districts more foolproof and effective.

Apart from the district of Vellore, the Tamil Nadu government is likely to divide some other districts too.

It is Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami who has made the big announcement regarding Vellore.

The trifurcation of the district of Vellore means the Tamil Nadu government will have to invent huge amount in the region in the coming years to develop its infrastructure.

At present, the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has nearly thirty two districts. Some of these districts are very big. Those living in the remote regions in the big districts complain that they find it difficult to access the state services in a timely manner due to the vastness of their districts.

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