June 8, 2023
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Twitter User Asks Anand Mahindra “Are You An NRI?” His Response Wins Internet

Anand Mahindra, an industrialist, is well known for his funny tweets in which he promotes popular films and gives enlightening counsel. Mr. Mahindra also communicates with his fans on a daily basis about numerous subjects. Social media users have taken notice of Mr. Mahindra’s most recent post as a result of his humorous response to a Twitter user.

The comment was made in response to a post Mr. Mahindra uploaded that featured images from American Independence Day celebrations. The post’s description stated, “Manhattan Fourth of July Skyline.” He also uploaded a video, starting a thread that included festivities taking place all around Manhattan.

On July 4, which is recognised as Independence Day in the US, Mr. Mahindra was in the US, according to the post.The industrialist received a tweet asking, “Are you an NRI?” from a user. Many users urged Mr. Mahindra to ignore these inquiries, but he responded with an epic response that went viral online.”Just visiting family in New York. So am an HRI. Heart (always) resident in India,” said Mr Mahindra.

Mr. Mahindra recently responded to industrialist Harsh Goenka’s article in which he compared parents fixing their kids’ faults to a pencil and eraser story “An extremely moving message that naturally appeals to us ageing parents. But Harsh, it also came to me that many children worldwide frequently spend a significant portion of their lives trying to undo the errors and mishaps of their parents.”

On Mr. Mahindra’s response, over 2,000 users left comments. One commenter claimed that the film applied to everything, not only the relationship between parents and children. Because of our errors, even Mother Earth is being progressively undermined, the user stated.

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