July 24, 2021
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Natural remedy for Hiccups

We all confront this difficulty called hiccups often. Most of the times, it stops either before the commencement of the search for a glass of water or after consuming a glass of water. Sometimes, it last much longer than what we anticipate it would. In those situations, we are forced to think much more than […]Continue Reading
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‘Unqualified doctors’ put ‘uneducated rural people’s life’ in danger

When an national news media interviewed some people located in the village in which an unqualified doctor spread the HIV virus through the usage of common syringe among his patients for whom he offered a low cost treatment (much lower than what the government normally offers), it identified that it was the ‘low cost’ factor […]Continue Reading
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Doctors’ strike created huge trouble for patients in Karnataka

The doctors’ strike created huge trouble for the patients in the Indian state of Karnataka, with the private hospitals closing down its out-patients section. The shocking fact is that nearly five died in the Karnataka’s rural districts of Ballari and Koppal for want of proper treatment. In last three days, nearly thirty deaths occurred in […]Continue Reading