October 25, 2021

Natural remedy for Hiccups


We all confront this difficulty called hiccups often. Most of the times, it stops either before the commencement of the search for a glass of water or after consuming a glass of water. Sometimes, it last much longer than what we anticipate it would. In those situations, we are forced to think much more than the quick remedy of a glass of water.

Generally, hiccups are involuntary contractions of the diaphragm. Actually, each contract is followed by a sudden closure of vocal cords producing a ‘hic’ sound.

This may be due to various issues, from emotional stress and over eating to metal or emotional pressure and nerve damage.

In most of the times, hiccups may not last longer. In some rare cases, it may last more than that –either more than a day or more than a month. Importantly, in some rarest of the rare cases, it may last forever.

The normal hiccups are easily cured with the help of a glass of water or a spoon of sugar. Those hiccups which last more than two days need the consultation of an experienced doctor.

Don’t fear hiccups. It is a normal thing. Even, those hiccups which last more than the usual period are curable.

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