July 17, 2024
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Doctors’ strike created huge trouble for patients in Karnataka


The doctors’ strike created huge trouble for the patients in the Indian state of Karnataka, with the private hospitals closing down its out-patients section.

The shocking fact is that nearly five died in the Karnataka’s rural districts of Ballari and Koppal for want of proper treatment.

In last three days, nearly thirty deaths occurred in the Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Science Hospital.

Meanwhile, a high official working in the hospital asserted that no one died in the hospital for want of treatment.

Anyway, the doctors have withdrawn the strike hours before as it has faced huge criticism from the High Court which observed that there was no serious reason to call on a strike as the amendment bill against which they announced the strike was not even tabled in the legislative assembly.

The doctors actually called on the protest as a move to register their disagreement with the Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act 2017’s amendments, which prescribes fixed prices for the treatments and also holds them accountable in case of medical negligence, alleging that the Karnataka government selectively implemented the recommendations made by a renowned Judge.

The aforementioned amendments are key elements of the recommendations made by former SC Judge Vikramajit Sen.

Why do the private hospitals and doctors fear these amendments?     


Vignesh. S. G

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