September 23, 2021
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SP-BSP alliance collapses as both begin to walk in opposite directions

A few hours after the BSP announced it would go it alone in the upcoming by-elections in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the SP has made it clear that it would not hesitate to go it alone in the upcoming elections also.
The development has marked the collapse of the much-hyped anti-BJP alliance formed in the wake of the 2019 General Election.
In the recent general election, the SP-BSP alliance failed to perform as better as it was expected it would.
Though the BSP earned some small gains through the alliance in the election, the SP failed to earn anything significant.
Despite the union of the two prime regional parties against the BJP in the state, the BJP showed an impressive performance in the state – though the performance was not as better as the one they had demonstrated in the year 2014.
Since the declaration of the election result, the two regional parties have been indicating their potential split.
Anyway, the split is not unexpected. No political observer believes that the kind of alliance like the one reached between the two unlikely partners in UP just for some petty political gains will last for long.
The split of the BSP-SP has once again strengthened the position of the saffron party in the state. They in future may campaign over the plank that the electoral alliance formed merely on the basis of the hatred towards the BJP politics will not have life more than the publication of that election result.

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