June 29, 2022



Strategic Positioning of a very promising brand.

Even when the market whines on the downturn on sales in the country, Gopu Nandilath G-Mart takes pride in being able to open 3 or 4 new showrooms every year, with its strategic sales plan and flawless customer support. Mr. Gopu Nandilath does a close market study and derives on the strategic conclusions after assuring the progress that can occur in the target market.  Extensive internal researches are done on the consumers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. G-Mart easily achieves the target given by the factories and companies to them. The volume game helps them bring down the price, and customers flow in seeing the very attractive offers like Audi, BMW and apartments. So as to fetch best value for their money, Gopu Nandilath G-Mart focuses primarily on building their brand equity with the best values in place. Company decides to share these offers from the profit they get from their sales.  Company is undoubtedly growing than the market itself. Company’s growth is exponentially accelerated and is gaining a steady growth in the state. Mr. Gopu Nandilath is planning to invest more in the region, which includes investment in the brand, service and showroom space. Recognising his contributions in the business sector, he has been conferred with numerous awards. He is the best award winning dealer of world famous home appliances brands every year.

How to handle challenges with a smile.

Whatever you venture into, do it with utmost commitment, Mr. Gopu Nandilath says. Do not procrastinate things, nor delay or prolong something that you have to finish today. There can be unpredicted loss, struggles or unprecedented challenges that you may have to face in business, in a day today life. Overcoming those with courage and conviction is a winning attribute to a successful businessman, whatever it may be. He doesn’t believe in brooding onto what has passed; bygones are bygones. His advices to plan better for future.



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