August 5, 2021


He also believes in being up-to-date with the current trends in the industry and technology. We need to pre-plan on what lies a 5 year ahead. Change with time. Competition is what helps you grow. If you need to grow exponentially, you need to have the burning desire to grow. They are proposing to start a vast online portal which he thinks will capture the future market in no time. There are five key elements, which act as the pillar stone of his business. They are ‘service after sales’, ‘customer satisfaction’, ‘hard work’, ‘safe stock’, and ‘diversification’.

A new diversification is into a café and restaurant business, named SelfieTea, which is already functioning in Dubai currently, and another branch coming up in Sobha Mall, Thrissur. Other ventures are in thought-pipeline which will be rolled out soon.


On what keeps him relaxed and interested, other than business.

We have a very interesting man here who loves animals, birds and pets. His love for elephants is something to be specially noted here. He is a proud owner of five elephants. He loves travelling, voyaged scores of countries around the globe. Another passion and interest is into cars and gadgets. An interesting fact is that Mr Gopu is a sports enthusiast. He loves football. Noteworthy, he was fortunate enough to witness nearly five consecutive finals of the most prestigious football match in this world, the FIFA world cup football.

His son, Arjun Nandilath has now finished his MBA and joined hands with his father to grow this business to the next level success. His other supports include his wife, Shiny Gopu and his daughter, Aiswarya Nandilath, who is married to Sujith and blessed with two kids.


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