March 1, 2024
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Smoke In Cabin At 5,000 Feet, SpiceJet Flight Returns To Delhi

The crew of a SpiceJet flight bound for Jabalpur decided to turn around this morning after noticing smoke in the cabin, according to news agency ANI. The crew noticed smoke in the cabin while the aircraft was 5,000 feet in the air.

According to ANI, a SpiceJet representative said, “A SpiceJet aircraft travelling from Delhi to Jabalpur returned safely to the Delhi airport this morning after the crew discovered smoke in the cabin when exceeding 5000ft; passengers safely disembarked.”

The news organization tweeted a picture of a smoke-filled cabin. Images also showed people getting off the plane after it had returned to Delhi.

A SpiceJet jet has made an emergency landing twice in the past 15 days. On June 19, a plane with 185 passengers on board that was headed for Delhi made an emergency landing in Patna shortly after takeoff because the left engine caught fire due to a bird strike.

According to officials, all passengers were safely evacuated.

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