March 31, 2023
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Set Your Eyes on the Beauty of Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik dubbed the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” certainly lives up to the moniker. This lovely city on Croatia’s southern coast is one of the Mediterranean Sea’s most popular tourist attractions. It is noted for its rich history and culture, as well as its spectacular architecture and beautiful scenery.

Dubrovnik has recently gained more attention as one of the primary filming locations for HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. Created in the 7th century and ruled by the Venetians and the Hungarians throughout the years, each leaving their stamp, the city grew at its fastest throughout the 15th and 16th centuries, as evidenced by the spectacular architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Site classification.

This place is known for its stunning Dalmatian Coast oceanfront setting, as well as its evocative and historic Old Town neighborhood, which is home to Croatia’s creative and intellectual elite and offers a variety of cultural activities and festivals. Walking about its attractive old streets and lanes while visiting such wonderful sites as its splendid cathedral and treasury, the long Stradun pedestrian walkway, and its many fine old palaces and fortifications are among the highlights of a visit.

If you’re considering a vacation to Croatia, you’ll need to know the local currency, the Croatian kuna (HRK). Currently, 1 USD equals roughly 6,50 kunas, whereas 1 EUR equals just over 7 kunas. Dubrovnik, particularly its Old Town, is a pricey destination. As a result, plan to pay a little more than you anticipated.

The old city walls of Dubrovnik is one of the city’s most well-known features, now more than ever, thanks to its appearance in the blockbuster HBO series Game of Thrones. These powerful walls—as high as six metres in sections and up to six metres thick—were built in the 10th century and modified in the 13th and 14th centuries to provide a sturdy defence against invaders. Dubrovnik’s city walls, which stretch for about two kilometres and give multiple magnificent views over the Adriatic and inwards over the old city centre, are a great site for a casual stroll. The Minceta Tower (Tvrdava Minceta) and the Bokar Tower (Tvrdava Bokar), as well as two forts, the Fort Lovrjenac and the Revelin Fortress, are also noteworthy. The main entrance, on the left of Pile Gate, provides access to the walls.

Fort Lovrijenac, which is located just outside the Old Town, is not only another Game of Thrones location, but the views from the fort are also among of Dubrovnik’s most beautiful. The Old Town, including the walls, maybe admired in all of its magnificence from here. Fort Lovrijenac, also known as St. Lawrence Fortress, has long been one of Croatia’s most important fortresses, dubbed “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar” because of its location on a rocky promontory just beyond the city’s western wall. Fort Lovrijenac is also famous for its distinctive triangular layout with three terraces, which is approached via two drawbridges and a gateway through its formidable walls, which are up to 12 metres thick in sections. The fort is utilised as a site and backdrop for Dubrovnik’s famous Summer Festival and its various theatrical and musical productions, in addition to acting as a tourist attraction.

Next is the Stradun which runs through the heart of the Old Town. It’s also where Star Wars Episode IX was being filmed. Stradun, also known as Placa, is Dubrovnik’s main thoroughfare and has been a hub of activity in the city since the 13th century. It was once a channel that was filled in to make way for a road. Today, Stradun is often packed with people and visitors, and it is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most picturesque thoroughfares. The white limestone street splits the Old Town into two fairly equal halves and goes east to west. It is lined by a variety of restaurants and cafes where you can sit and people-watch while eating or drinking. It’s also the best place to go souvenir shopping in Dubrovnik.

Another enjoyable activity to do in Dubrovnik is to take a cable car ride up to the hills. The Dubrovnik Cable Car takes passengers up Srd Hill, high above the Old Town, with vistas that become better and better as you climb (on clear days, it’s said you can see for 50 kilometres). The trip takes less than 10 minutes, and after you are at the top, you’re free to explore the surrounding region. Adults pay 170 HRK and children pay 60 HRK for a round-trip ticket up Mount Srd Cable Car. If you want to trek or drive up or down the mountain, you can buy a one-way ticket for 90 HRK for adults and 40 HRK for children.

The Rector’s Palace is a must-see destination for history fans, architecture buffs, and anybody interested in seeing one of Dubrovnik’s most important cultural relics. It was built in 1435 and served as the residence of the Rector of Ragusa (Dubrovnik’s original name when it was an autonomous republic) until 1808. Due to various reconstructions over the years, it now has a combination of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architectural styles, as well as a lovely central courtyard. For a price of 120 HRK for adults and 25 HRK for children, the well-preserved palace is now open to the public. It now functions as a museum, with refurbished rooms and other exhibits from the city’s cultural history. Many exquisite paintings by Dalmatian and Venetian artists can also be found. The Rector’s Palace was used as the setting for Qarth in Game of Thrones.

The Franciscan Church and Monastery in Dubrovnik is another major historic landmark to include on your Dubrovnik itinerary. This well-preserved structure was built in the late 1600s on the foundation of an earlier monastery dating from the 1100s, and currently houses one of Croatia’s most significant libraries. It’s a fascinating medieval pharmacy that’s been in existence since 1317 (making it one of the world’s oldest) and is noteworthy for its numerous ancient ornamented jars, measuring equipment, and mortars. It was founded in the 17th century and has a collection of more than 21,000 rare book manuscripts. There’s also an on-site museum containing items of historical interest and a fine art collection.

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city and there are plenty more attractions that you will witness while wandering around. Most importantly it’s the perfect place to relax, wander, eat, and drink. So enjoy every moment of being in this beautiful place.

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