March 4, 2024
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SC upholds the right of women of all ages to worship in places of their choice


In a historical judgment, the Supreme Court of India has upheld the right to women of all ages to worship in places of their choice.  

The judgment is expected to prompt the authorities who rule one of the South India’s famous temples Sabarimala Temple to open its doors for those section of women whose entry to the temple premises have been restricted since time immemorial.

Nearly four judges of the five member constitution bench which have verified the validity of the controversial issue have ruled in favour of the right of woman of all ages to worship in places of their choice.

Several leftist activists have welcomed the historic judgement made by the top court of the country. They consider it as the victor of the judicial system of the land over the irrational traditions imposed on the society by the conservatives and followed by the followers of the traditionalists, patriarchists and conservatives.

In the coming days, the new judgment is likely to create several debates across the country. Actually, the latest judgement overturned a previous judgment made by the Kerala High Court in the same issue. Anyway, at this moment, it is not clear how the state of Kerala, which is open but conservative, will receive this judgment.

It is one of the most progressive judgements the top court has delivered in the recent history. The court deserves a special appreciation for that.



Vignesh. S. G

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