May 29, 2024
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Drug rehabilitation centres turn hell for many


It is the mysterious death of a Rajasthani man in a drug rehabilitation centre that has triggered the question who all are responsible for the regulation of rehabilitation centres and what are the provisions in the present legal framework that supports the regulation.

It is important to note that in most states there are no serious provisions to regulate the activities of drug or alcohol rehabilitation centres, but illegible provisions that are less capable to contribute to the purpose.

What is the basic qualification necessary to run a drug rehabilitation centre? Are there any specific government agencies or institutions tasked with the job of granting affiliation to rehabilitation centres? What are those things an agency (if any) is supposed to verify when it is approached with a request for affiliation?

Several questions normally arise when we think deeply about the subject. It seems that the first short for a national wide deliberation over this sensitive issue has been made by the Rajasthan Human Rights Commission when it has directed the North Indian state of Rajasthan, where a person was found dead in a mysterious circumstance in a drug rehabilitation centre, to inform it who has the authority to monitor the activities of rehabilitation centres in the state and what are the qualifications necessary to run rehabilitation centres in the state.

It is high time to create a powerful national framework to regulate the activities of drug rehabilitation centres.

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Vignesh. S. G

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