December 10, 2023
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SC orders Maha Govt. to conduct floor test on Nov 27

The top court of the country has ordered the Maharashtra government to prove its strength in the state assembly on or before November 27.

All political parties, including the BJP, have welcomed the verdict delivered by the Supreme Court.

Earlier, the BJP said that it was not possible to conduct a floor test under short notice, giving strength to the opposition’s allegation that the ruling has no adequate strength in the assembly to claim the seat of power.

As per a latest report, a group of NCP leaders has visited the newly inducted Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Ajit Pawar, to convince him to come back to the platform of the opposition, from which he recently stepped out for the Deputy CM seat ditching his political connection with his uncle, Sharad Pawar – who remained close to the opposition camp.

Anyway, the BJP-Ajit Pawar led government has expressed its confidence in winning the scheduled floor test.


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