June 27, 2022
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SC disagrees with Govt’s opinion on electoral bond system

The Supreme Court of India has advised the political parties of the country to disclose the information about the funders, who has contributed to their election expenses using the electoral bond system, in the form of sealed covers.

While considering the case, the government’s representative has argued that the court should not interfere in the issue in the name of transparency.

However, the court has found it important to interfere in the issue. The court has asserted that the issue should be subjected to in-depth hearing.

The petitioner’s representative has argued that over 95 per cent of the total funds arrived through the system has reached the pockets of the ruling party, the party which has introduced this program.

The ruling has defended their position by projecting the system as a method to eliminate the use of black money in the election process.

A source close to the ruling has opined that the system has considerably reduced the use of black money in the election process.

In the election bond system, the fund is transferred through the banking channels. It ensures the secrecy of information regarding the fund transfers.    

What worries those irritated by the system is it so far has not seriously benefitted any opposition party.


Vignesh. S. G

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