July 18, 2024

Young Indian boy from The UAE invents Robots to protect Marine Life and Aid farmers

We came across a generation where people destroy the planet by trashing waste and spill oil into the ocean along with their own acts and facts. However, young minds are distinctive and proving to fix what is left of the earth.

In recent times, we came across stories of a school going student protesting against global warming. Another young climate activist won Nobile Peace Prize for uniting school kids for a climate change march. They are closely stepping out and advocating with high spirits of protecting our Nature and all that matters.

By developing two robots “the MBot and AgriBot’, Here is another new addition to the eco- knights include Sainath Manikandan! A student of GEMS United Indian School is an Indian living in UAE. He advocates protecting both the marine environment and agricultural labourers with robots.

Talking to Khaleej Times, Sainath states, Mbot is a prototype robot that can remove floating wastes from surface water. It is essentially shaped like a boat and can be operated remotely with radio control. Solar panels also can be replaced with the batteries. The AgriBot is sure to help the farmers of minimising their manual labour. It performs elementary functions like sowing seeds, ploughing the field and comprising the seeds with soil. According to the general sources, Sainath passion is to keep the environment safe and servers his unique methods to protect. He is also an ambassador for Drop It Youth and Tunza Eco Generation and an active member of the Emirates Environmental Group.

Sainath and many other young minds who are vigorous to protect nature is a true inspiration for a better tomorrow.


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