April 24, 2024
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Saying I love you is not a crime; 23-year-old acquitted in POCSO case

The court ruled that saying “I love you” to the girl was not an insult to the girl but an expression of love. The court ruled in favor of the 23 – year – old, who was charged under the POCSO Act. Special Judge Kalpana Patil has ruled that saying “I love you” is not a crime under POCSO.

The 17-year-old’s family approached the police after the 23-year-old said “I love you”. The worst case scenario was in 2016. Defendant told the girl that he was in love near the residence. The complainant had alleged that the accused had stared at the girl, blindfolded her and threatened her mother. Based on the complaint, Wadala TT police filed a case against the accused, according to POCSO. However, the court acquitted him as there was not enough evidence to prove his guilt.

According to the victim, on the day of the incident, the accused had said “I love you”. ‘Saying’ I love you ‘to the victim is tantamount to expressing the defendant’s feelings of affection. It cannot be said that this act was done with the intention of insulting the dignity of the victim the court clarified. The court also ruled that the prosecution had failed to prove that the act was insulting to the girl’s dignity. The court said the prosecution had not produced any evidence establishing that the accused had done anything to the victim with sexual intent or that the victim or her mother had received any kind of intimidation.

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