October 25, 2021
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Sajimon Parayil: Humble Beginnings

4In life, we watch many people struggle and there have been many who have suffered much to get where are they are today. And sometimes these sufferings make it so that we don’t take anything for granted and we learn to live life the hard way. Learning in that manner only helps us to become a stronger person. It is through is suffering and much struggle, that we realize that we need to work hard, keep our eyes on the goal and not stray if we want to reach the final set destination. The road may be long and narrow, but with much hope and striving, you will get where you want. This is exactly what Mr. Sajimon Parayil has done. Mr. Sajimon was not the best in his studies, he passed his SSLC and did not find success in carrying out his pre-degree but did pass the civil craftsman exam later on in his life. Coming from his native of Mundakayam, Sajimon Parayil has faced many struggles in his life which has brought to where he is today. At the age of 11 years, Sajimon’s father who was a bus conductor, passed away which put the family of 5 children including Sajimon and his mother through much hardships. Sajimon being the second eldest after his sister, had three younger brother’s to take care off along with his sister and his mother.  Sajimon went into doing business at young age as he helped his grandfather to sell coconut, eggs, and vegetables on the streets of Mudakayam.

“If someone were to ask me where is the place where they can get jack fruits in Mundakayam, and how many jack fruits can load a jeep or minivan, even if someone had woke me up from my sleep, I would be able to tell, because I was doing all these jobs,” says Sajimon. “I used to get Rs.200 from my grandfather for helping him.” The obstacles which he faced as a child taught him the lesson of humanity. For Sajimon Parayil, his grandmother who motivated him to face life is his role model, “my grandmother believes that she is my God, I can still remember her when 35 years back, we were in a lift with one of our relatives who was working in Kottayam. She told him that she had brought me to experience these kinds of technologies,” Leading him to spend his efforts learning new methods in the oil and gas business.

While entering into the world of business Sajimon was “blind, found freedom took risks implemented new ideas,” but enjoyed the factor that he was his own boss. They say that Rome was build in a day, Sajimon knew that that success would not made in a day, “the gold initially is black and has to be stores somewhere and it is only after a lengthy process of purification that it becomes gold. PT Usha, Sachin Tendulkar, Mohanlal did not find success in just one day, instead they worked hard, had to face their share of struggles and it is through much of their effort that they are where they have become the celebrities enjoying the stardom that they have now.”

In knowing that success could not come in one day, Sajimon having faced his share of sufferings, started the company Bits Groups first in Yanbu known to be the second industrial city of Saudi Arabia with just four employees. Now Bits Groups is known to be one of the largest multi disciplined company in the Middle East, Far East and South Asia, having bases in three branches in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Algeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. Bits Groups operates Bits Al Arabia, Bits Indiana, Bits HR & Manpower Consultancy Services, Aarbin Engineering, HI-Tech NDT Inspection Services, and Bits Care Foundation which is associated with Yasudas Heart Care Foundation to help take care of the communities which is in much need of support. The foundation is a non-partition, non religious, non-profit organization which also encourages to provide the well being for orphaned and abandoned children.

Bits Al Arabia has the experience and expertise in project management, engineering, procurement and holds construction in various fields such as oil and gas, electro mechanical, instrumentation and civil in the rage of projects executed covers oil and gas pipeline service which has contracts in the petroleum industry, power plants and water treatment plants, HVAC systems etc.

And Aarbin happens to be a professionally managed engineering company which helps in assisting clients in providing a range of engineering services for process, plant, architectural, civil, and structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and control design. Aarbin’s engineers develop strategies which provides fast and an effective technical support for commercial and industrial projects, processes plant modifications, expansion, proposal preparation and many other services. Though dedicated to all industries, they specialize in inspection, procurement and training services.

The Hi-Tech NDT inspection service was established in the year of 1998 with the corporate office based in Singapore. It has regional office in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. The company is involved in advanced NDT services, conventional NDT services, NDT training services and ASME U stamp audit. They are in plans to expand their branches to Oman, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Algeria, and Nigeria.

Then there is the Bits Indiana which happens to be the world’s first exclusive linen readymade for men, women and kids. With show rooms all over India, the company has linen products that are designed and manufactures by their own studio and units. Most of the garments used to make the clothes are imported from France, Belgium and Ireland and will be introducing certified organic cotton and accessories for men and women as they expand their company further into other parts of the world.

Bits Groups also has schools which fall under the Central Board of Secondary Education. “We endeavor to design our educational process on the basis that the future of this world rests upon the overall competence, sensibility and goodness of its youth.” The company believes in helping in teaching children to become the kind of citizen which the world’s society is in need of today. They educate them not only with instructions but also encourage and inspire their hidden talents by giving them much attention and the care that they deserve.

With so many companies falling under the Bits Groups, Sajimon Parayil has certainly made his mark in the business world not only in oil & gas, power & water, but also construction support, project management, engineering, E&I jobs, Fashion and life style, and education, thus giving importance to the children of the future who will one day be responsible for our own future. Next year the company plans on expanding to Ireland, Colombia, South Africa, Kazakhstan and Kurdistan. Sajamon Parayil is not only a b3usinessman, but also a fashion designer, the judge for Miss. South India and Miss. Queen of India. He also has taken his talents into the world of acting as he entered the Malayalam movie industry, by having acted in two movies; Dolls and the latest movie Ravu.

It is with much dedication and hardwork that Sajimon Parayil has reached the place at where he stands now, though he has no time for anything much nowadays, he spends his time travelling as he takes care of his business. Through the lessons learned from the diffculites of life he believes that one should “dream up to the moon. Keep on trying and work hard to reach that level of you goal which you set for yourself. Never run away from your problems and don’t let your team face any problems. You face it and deal with it yourself. You should never drive from the back seat, but drive yourself and you will find success in life.”


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