May 26, 2024
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‘Safety concerns, embassy help not received’, Family of Indian student who was shot

The family of Harjot Singh, an Indian student who was shot in Ukraine, said they had contacted the Indian embassy two days ago after learning of their son’s shooting but had not received any help. The family said they were concerned about their son’s safety and would take steps to bring him back immediately.

“Harjot was reportedly shot in four parts of his body. A bullet pierced his body. The family told that the facility at the hospital was arranged when they contacted the Ukrainian Embassy in India. Harjot’s family demanded that the Indian government intervene to end the Ukraine-Russia war and that all, including students, be returned safely.

Harjot was shot dead on February 27 while traveling in a car from Kiev to a safer area. He was shot in the shoulder. The leg is also injured. The student is currently being treated at a hospital in Kiev. Earlier, Harjot had alleged that he had contacted the Indian embassy several times but the embassy did not provide any assistance.

But at the same time, the External Affairs Ministry said yesterday that the cost of Harjot Singh’s treatment would be borne by the central government. The embassy is continuing its efforts to reach out to him. It is difficult to reach as it is a conflict zone. The foreign ministry said it hoped to get there as soon as possible.

At the same time, Russia has repeatedly accused Ukraine of holding foreign students, including Indians, hostage to the UN Security Council. Russia has said similar incidents took place in Sumi and Kharkiv. Russia has asked Ukraine to provide a safe passage for foreign students. At the same time, India reiterated its demand for a ceasefire. In this case, the rescue operation could not continue. India has asked Russia and Ukraine to consider the need for a temporary ceasefire. India said travel facilities provided by Russia were not being utilized and that the buses provided for evacuation could not reach the students.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of holding more than 3,000 Indian students hostage. Putin also accused Ukraine of detaining not only Indian students but also Chinese students. Putin also accused Ukraine of delaying deportations of foreigners. Two Indian students have died in Ukraine in recent days. Putin’s allegations came shortly after. Putin also announced that he would pay large sums of money to the families of Russian soldiers killed. Putin made it clear that the people of Ukraine and Russia are one and that the goal is to seize Ukraine.

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