March 31, 2023
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Those who have missed medical internships abroad will get a chance in India, Returnees Ukraine will get relief

Relief for returnees who were unable to complete their medical studies abroad in the wake of the Covid and the war. The National Medical Commission has announced that those who return during their internship will be given the opportunity to complete an internship in India.

The National Medical Commission has announced that MBBS students returning to India during the Russia – Ukraine war will be allowed to complete a 12 – month compulsory internship in India. The NMC also issued a circular clarifying this. Opportunity will be given to those who have obtained medical degree from abroad before November 18, 2021. Permission will be granted on passing the FMG examination. Earlier in the Covid situation, students from China had also returned. These children will also have the opportunity to complete an internship in India with the new decision. The new decision comes amid calls from students from Ukraine for the Indian government to intervene to continue their studies.

More and more Indian students stranded in Kharkiv, Ukraine, are returning to their homeland. The Indians have so far been flown back in more than 50 aircraft. The rescue mission is still in progress. At the same time, Russia has repeatedly accused Ukraine of holding students, including Indians, hostage to the UN Security Council. Russia has blamed similar incidents in Sumi and Kharkiv. Russia has asked Ukraine to provide a safe passage for foreign students.

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