May 26, 2024
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RSS not against Reservation, clarifies Chief


Reservation is one of the most controversial issues in the modern India. There have been several discussions and deliberations about the sensitive subject. But, until now, no consensus has been reached in this issue. There has been an assumption that those who belong to the majority community are against the concept of reservation. Some comments recently delivered by the rightist organisations have given a reason to believe the aforesaid assumption. But, here (in Delhi), the impressive signs of peace, inclusiveness and respect are shown in support of the controversial concept, aimed to benefit the less privileged or marginalised or those who suffered discrimination and oppression in the past, by the highest leader of the most powerful Hindu fundamentalist organisation. Mohan Bhagwat tells the reporters, while speaking to them during a lecture session, that the RSS, the organisation which he leads, is in favour of the appreciable concept of reservation. He also adds that the reservation must continue until those who benefit from the process wholeheartedly admit that they are no longer in need of the support service offered to them by the Indian system. Actually, Mr Bhagwat’s latest comment about the concept of reservation stands contrary to what he said around two years ago –then, he said that a committee must be appointed to relook the concept.

Why the concept is still being widely debated?                


Vignesh. S. G

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