March 1, 2024
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Resolution In US House Against Subsidies On Sugar By Countries Including India

In the House of Representatives, two US representatives have presented a bill that would prohibit the European Union, Brazil, Mexico, India, and other nations from providing sugar subsidies.
The domestic sugar market and American farmers would both be harmed by such a subsidy, according to Congressmen Kat Cammack and Dan Kildee.

The resolution, which eliminates America’s no-cost sugar policy in exchange for the abolition of all international sugar subsidies, promotes a sensible and equitable sugar policy that safeguards domestic producers against foreign abuses, according to a media release on Thursday.

“Time and again, the survival of American sugar producers is threatened by the unfair practices and dumping of cheap sugar subsidised by foreign countries,” Congresswoman Cammack said.

She said that foreign nations, including the European Union, Brazil, India, Thailand, Russia, and Mexico, had subsidised artificially low-priced sugar on the international market at the expense of the American sugar sector.

According to the two lawmakers, Thailand has more than tripled its sugar exports since 2004 with USD 1.3 billion/year in subsidies and government price fixing, while Brazil provides direct and indirect subsidies of at least USD 2.5 billion/year, India at least USD 1.7 billion/year, and Thailand has at least USD 2.5 billion/year in support for its inefficient sugar industry.

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