January 24, 2022

Researchers develop a relation between ‘over-qualification’ and ‘stress’


Do you know there is a relation between over-qualification and stress? As per the report, those, who have the feeling that their education qualification or experience has the potential to bring them a job which is far better than what they are doing or have the feeling that the job they are doing is far lower in terms of social status and salary grade than what their friends or relatives having same qualification as them are enjoying, are highly vulnerable to stress.

In such a way, there is a relation between the feeling of over-qualification’ and the feeling of stress.

The aforementioned relation is not the one and only reason for workplace stress. Managerial bulling, lack of autonomy, role conflict and much more have the ability to create the feeling of stress.

Sometimes, one’s habits like smoking, doping, drinking alcohol and one’s diseases like sleeplessness and blood pressure also make him/her vulnerable to the stress.

Yogurt, Vitamin C rich food, dark chocolates, nuts and seeds are found to have the capacity to fight this feeling to an extent.      


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