August 20, 2022
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Rain batters Mumbai; schools closed; transportation badly affected


The Mumbai authorities have announced the closure of all schools in the state, as heavy rain which has been battering the city for last few days, has shown no sign of retreat.

The life of common people has been badly affected by the continuing rain. The traffic jams and traffic blocks have disturbed those who have relied on the road transport. And, the unexpected cancellation of trains have affected those depended on the rail transport. The authorities has also either cancelled or delayed several flights as the weather condition has remained very dangerous for the flights.

The meteorologists have opined that the city is not likely to see any drastic change in its climate condition in the next few hours. They, giving hopes to those whose life has been badly affected due to the rain, have also said that the intensity of the rain would gradually decrease after forty-eight hours.

The decision to close down the schools has come as a surprise, and it has created some confusion in the beginning. Several parents have criticised the authorities for taking such an important decision in an unplanned manner.

Mumbai is a very populous city. So, such a rain can create several after effects including a sudden disease outbreak. Experts say that the authorities should stay extremely vigilant to confront all kinds of challenges posed by this climatic condition.


Vignesh. S. G

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