July 17, 2024
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Railways Initiates Action Against Contractor For Overcharging A Passenger For Water Bottle

A day after a train passenger reported that bottled drinking water was provided for 5 more than the MRP, the Ambala Railway division took harsh action against a catering contractor for overcharging.

Internet user Shivam Bhatt was travelling from Chandigarh to Shahjahanpur on the 12232 Lucknow SF Express. He tweeted about the additional fee to let others know. In the video, a man by the name of Dinesh is seen selling a water bottle for 20 rupees when its MRP is only fifteen rupees. When Mr. Bhatt questions Dinesh, he responds that there isn’t a pantry in the train.

Mr Bhatt wrote on December 15, “No matter how much we complain, how much we confront them but nothing will improve, bcz @RailMinIndia never takes solid action against the root cause of this loot. This happened last night in train 12232 under @drm_umb jurisdiction. @AshwiniVaishnaw @RailwayNorthern @GM_NRly.”

In another tweet, he said, “The vendor kept saying that train 12232 doesn’t have a pantry car or any manager. So, anyone can board the train and sell the Rail Neer at any price?”

In a prompt reply to Mr. Bhatt, Northern Railways stated that the vendor had been detained and that “the matter has been raised to IRCTC to take punitive action against the licence of Train Side Vending of train number 12232/12231.”

Additionally using Twitter, Divisional Railway Manager Ambala tweeted, “The threat of unlicensed vending and overcharging has been brought to the attention of CTIs, CMIs, and ticket checking staff. On the guidance of the competent authority, an aggressive campaign against this threat is also being carried out in cooperation with RPF.”

They further mentioned that under the Railway Act, constant action is being taken against unauthorised merchants. Furthermore, a dedicated 15-day special push has been started in conjunction with the Commercial Department to take coordinated action against this threat.

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